Primarily related to the field of comparative political economy, my research interests include:

  • the politics of welfare state reform;
  • measuring retrenchment and alternative indicators for fiscal consolidation;
  • political strategies for austerity (obfuscation);
  • party systems in Central and Eastern Europe, and
  • inequality and political participation (with Carsten Q. Schneider).

Currently my on-going research projects include:

  • a manuscript entitled Technocrats and the politics of liberalizing welfare on Europe’s periphery, which investigates the central role of a handful of elite in constructing momentum to pass (largely unpopular) policies of retrenchment using the theory of “reformmongering” (Hirschman 1963)
  • the partisan politics of obfuscation, which argues that left and right governments use passive forms of austerity under different conditions (based on a QCA analysis of Central and Eastern European governments);
  • the intersection between access to housing finance and fertilty rates comparing Southern and East Central European countries (with Dorothee Bohle); and
  • “When does Policy Transfer Affect Policy Instability? The Example of Eastern European Pensions and Parental Leave Policies” (with Achim Kemmerling), book chapter forthcoming in 2018


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*** Won prize for best paper in Socio-Economic Review for 2014, prize announcement

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